i wanted to do a series of self portraits and At first i just took photos of myself and was going to stop there, but a part of me felt like i was lying. I am not this perfectly put together, picture ready person. I am a collage of all of the things i have learned; my mistakes, my wins, and my losses. I am sewn together by the things i have experienced. So I decided to composite my self portraits to show a glimpse of what i truly am; a messily put together work in progress that is presentable but confusing. You can never truly capture a person in their true form in a single photo, so I decided to let the editing of the photos showcase myself, rather than the photos themselves. Anyone can put themselves together and look nice for a camera, but what about when the camera is off and so is your persona? With this project i worked to try and go deeper than just pretty portraiture.
 I wanted my photos to be uneasy, unsettling, hard to look at but somehow beautiful.

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